Year of the Dog Day 52

I walked to the train station this morning on the way to work, the weather was pretty horrible so I didn’t have high hopes of spotting a dog and I didn’t! I went for a little walk at lunch time but I didn’t spot any. When I got back to Bolton I walked back home from the train station. I got to right to near my house when I spotted a dog. I went over to say hello and then I realised that is was gorgeous Louis from day 4; my search continued! I carried on walking, I got pretty far without spotting anything.

I was loosing hope and then a spotted a lady walking 2 dogs so I ran up a hill after her. I was very revealed to meet Alfie, he’s lovely and such a well behaved boy! I thought he was a Border Collie but he’s actually a Welsh Sheepdog. Alfie is a bit of a miracle dog. He once swallowed a stick which made a hole in his throat. The vets were very concerned but somehow his throat managed to heal itself!

Lovely Alfie!

Lovely Alfie!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Welsh Sheepdog

Age: 11 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Alfie is very lucky and has his food freshly cooked for him daily. He likes mince, off cuts, pasta and veg!

Favourite toy: Tyre

Favourite pastime: Chasing balls!