Year of the Dog Day 4

I decided today that I would try to find my dog of the day earlier on, take off the pressure! I was pretty lucky, as I left the house I saw 2 dogs walking down the street, I could tell from the smaller dogs walk that it was a which I was very excited about! It was really icy out, my son and husband had both slipped as soon as we left the house but I managed to run down the street without falling on my bum, bonus! I was very excited to see that I was right and it was a French Bulldog and the bigger one was a very handsome French/ English Bulldog cross. I absolutely adore French Bulldogs so I’m a very happy girl today! I would usually just include the one dog but as they were both together I thought it would be nice to have pictures of them both. I tried to get a picture of the 2 together but its early days for my dog photography skills and I couldn’t manage it!

Handsome French Bulldog Claude

Handsome French Bulldog Claude

Name: Claude

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 3 years old (Human Years)

Favourite Toy: Plastic Bottle

Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite Pastime: Lying in bed with his human mum, Louis and the cat on a Sunday morning

Handsome Louis

Handsome Louis

Name: Louis

Breed: French/ British Bulldog cross

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite toy: Pigs ears

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite pastime: Lying in bed with his human mum, Claude and the cat on a Sunday morning


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