Year of the Dog Day 7

Yeah, one week completed! I’ve had my day off work today but I’ve had quite a busy morning going to Toddler Tales and then to visit my niece. I saw loads of dogs when I was driving around but didn’t actually get to see one close up until later. I went to my parents’ house and dropped my son off with them whilst I went on a dog search. I said this morning that I’d really like to see a Springer Spaniel puppy; well I didn’t see a puppy but I did see 3 very excited Springer Spaniels! It was a new experience trying to photograph a Springer Spaniel, they’re so excited that they don’t really keep still! I did finally manage to get a shot in focus of the lovely Holly and I was very grateful to the owner for being so patient! Springer Spaniels are such fun dogs, I love how hyper-active they are, I’ve had a big smile on face for the rest of the day!

Very excited Holly!

Very excited Holly!

Name: Holly

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Meat and Veg

Favourite Toy: Holly doesn’t really play with toys

Favourite pastime: Running about (she’s very good at it!)


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