Year of the Dog Day 30

I’m off out tonight so I really wanted to find a dog in the day today, but no joy! Another walk in the dark for me.

I spotted a very lovely Border Collie so I headed over to say hello to Max! Max was very friendly, but was a little nervous of the camera. The only way he would let me take a picture was if I was fussing him, hence the hand. This and the dark made taking the picture quite hard! Hopefully I have captured Max’s lovely friendly face.

Max is very lucky and goes for four walks a day, despite his owner being 87 years old! Dogs keep you youthful!


Name: Max

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 9 human years

Favourite toy: A rubber ring! He also enjoys carrying multiple sticks, but Max doesn’t share – once he’s got them, they are his! II love it when dogs carry sticks, especially if they are much bigger than the dog)

Favourite pastime: Walking and playing


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