Year of the Dog Day 33

I’ve spent the day in Birmingham today. I don’t know Birmingham that well so I thought I might find it quite difficult to find a dog! I was in the Birmingham NEC for about 1 hour when I turned round and discovered that I was stood next to a very lovely sniffer dog, I couldn’t believe my luck! I was chuffed when his owner agreed to let me take a picture, I didn’t think they would be allowed to!

Handsome Kilo

Handsome Kilo

Name: Kilo

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Job: Sniffer dog. Kilo has been trained to sniff out explosives! Kilo does 1 hour of patrolling an hour so he doesn’t get nasal fatigue!

Favourite toy: Tennis Ball

Favourite pastime: Chasing the ball!


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