Year of the Dog Day 39

I was working today and didn’t spot any dogs on the way in so I went for a walk at lunch time. I went to a park where I’ve had success before and spotted Frenchie Maurice carrying a big stick! I went over to say hello and then carried on with my search; I didn’t spot any other dogs during my lunch hour!

I went for a little walk when I got home, another night shot I’m afraid, I can’t wait for the days to get longer again! I spotted a very cute dog and went over to say hello! Poppy is a Border Terrier and she’s 15 years old; you wouldn’t think it though, she’s so active! Poppy would hardly keep still for a photo and her owner told that me she’ll walk for miles despite her advanced age!

Cute Poppy!

Cute Poppy!

Name: Poppy

Breed: Border Terrier

Age: 15 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dry biscuits

Favourite toy: Poppy doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!


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