Year of the Dog Day 47

I didn’t have time to go at lunch time today so I had to go for a little walk when I got home. I popped to the shop but didn’t see any dogs so I went for a walk to the shop but still nothing! It was getting pretty late at this point so I popped round to a neighbour’s house so that I could take a picture of handsome Cassius, a Rottweiler and Great Dane cross. He’s so massive, the picture really doesn’t show his size! He’s a big softy though, he spent most of the time licking my hand and nudging me to stroke him more if I stopped!

Very big handsome Cassius!

Very big handsome Cassius!

Name: Cassius

Breed: Rottweiler and Great Dane Cross

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cassius likes everything but especially cooked chicken. He speaks for food!

Favourite toy: Big sticks!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping


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