Year of the Dog Day 53

I’m very happy today! I just got to work when George came in the room to tell me that there was a puppy ‘Sausage Dog’ outside; I moved pretty fast! I met the absolutely gorgeous Mildred, I think I’m a bit in love! She’s so friendly, I ended up having a good cuddle with her! Mildred was very active so I had to get her human mummy to hold her to get a picture. She’s still got puppy excess skin, it’s so cute, look at her paws!

Gorgeous Mildred

Gorgeous Mildred

Name: Mildred

Breed: Minature Dachshund

Age: 5 months old

Favourite food: Blueberry’s! Mildred likes to play with them before she eats them!

Favourite toy: Squeaky pig

Favourite pastime: Cuddles!


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