Year of the Dog Day 56

It’s been my day off today so I knew I’d have no trouble finding a dog! I went round to my parents house and didn’t have to wait too long when I spotted a neighbor taking his son’s very handsome Chocolate Labrador for a walk. I’ve spotted him before but I hadn’t actually met him yet, he’s such a friendly lovely dog. Another Chocolate Labrador also walked past, they were both very excited to see each other! Rossi has lots of cuddly toys, he takes one with him when he  answers the door so that he doesn’t get too excited!

Handsome Rossi!

Handsome Rossi!

Name: Rossi

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favorite food: Sausage and Chicken. He doesn’t get it very often though, it’s just a treat!

Favorite toy: Simba the Lion (Lion King) cuddly toy.

Favorite pastime: Walking.


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