Year of the Dog Day 59

Today I met up with my friends Emma and Tim to meet there beautiful Rough Collie Laila, she’s so lush! It was quite nice knowing that I definitely wouldn’t have a problem finding a dog today! We went for a walk around Whittaker park in Rawtenstall, it was really nice! As soon as we saw Laila she came running up to us to say hello and gave my son Ethan a kiss! She’s really made an impression on Ethan, he keeps asking me where Laila has gone! Laila is a super friendly dog, there wasn’t a dog in the park that she didn’t make friends with!

Gorgeous Laila

Gorgeous Laila

Name: Laila

Breed: Rough Collie

Age: 10 months old

Favourite food: Chicken legs

Favourite toy: Spacey her space hopper! Laila also enjoys playing with her toy ring and recently found a giant football which she really liked!

Favourite pastime: Playing with other dogs!


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