Year of the Dog Day 66

I met beautiful Molly today! I was walking through Manchester when I spotted her on the other side of the road, she looked amazing so I had to go and say hello! Molly is such a friendly girl, I got to give her lots of fuss! She also got lots of attention from passers by, nearly everyone that walked past said “awww, what an amazing dog!”. Molly used to belong to her current human daddy’s friend but they moved abroad and so her current owners took her in; who can blame them, she’s gorgeous!

Lovely Molly!

Lovely Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Labradoodle and Briard cross

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Rubber chicken

Favourite pastime: Eating and running around!


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