Year of the Dog Day 71

I worked late tonight so I made sure I went out at lunchtime for a walk but I didn’t spot any dogs. I took a break in the afternoon and went for little walk around the block but I still didn’t spot any! I didn’t get back to Bolton until 8pm, it was dark and raining, booooo! I’ve got to be honest, I felt a little disheartened on my way home! I got in the car and drove to the shop where I’ve spotted many dogs before. Just as I pulled in I saw a very cute Yorkshire Terrier so I went over to say hello, I’m a happy girl again! Benji was very friendly and very excited; so excited that he couldn’t keep still! I only  managed to get one picture in focus. It’s not my best picture but I think you can still see how cute he is!

Cute Benji!

Cute Benji!

Name: Benji

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Treats and mashed up food!

Favourite toy: A squeaky pig!

Favourite pastime: Playing tug of war with his squeaky pig!


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