Year of the Dog Day 78

I had to walk to the other side of town for a meeting today so I was hopeful that I would see a dog but unfortunately I didn’t spot any!

I went for a walk around the  block when I arrived at Ethan’s nursery but again nothing! I decided to pop to the park with Ethan and have a look. Usually when I’ve had Ethan with me he’s been in his pram or trike or I’ve had someone else with me so I was a bit worried that he might run off as I’m trying to get a picture but he was a really good boy!

I met very handsome Rocky! He’s such a well behaved boy, he sat whilst I took his picture and I managed to get a shot of him shaking his paw! Rocky was rescued by his current owner. His previous owner died and he was left in the back garden on his own without food for over 24 hours. His current owner heard about his plight and rescued him; they’re best friends now!

Handsome Rocky

Handsome Rocky

Shake a paw!

Shake a paw!

Name: Rocky

Breed: Cross possibly German Shepherd and Border Collie

Age: Approximately 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cheese!

Favourite toy: Squeaky bone

Favourite pastime: Having a mooch around!


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