Year of the Dog Day

It’s been a really rainy day today! I waited for the rain to get a bit lighter before I headed out on my dog hunt. I walked to a local park and spotted a lady with a very lovely looking dog. Goldie is 16 years old; she’s looking very good though! Her human mummy showed me her teeth which are in great condition for a dog her age! Goldie is really friendly with a really calm temperament, I got to give her a good stroke!

Lovely Goldie!

Lovely Goldie!

Name: Goldie

Breed: Cross breed, possibly Labrador!

Age: 16 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Goldie likes most food, she even likes ice cream!

Favourite toy: Goldie has lots of toys but hardly ever plays with them, she’s never been that bothered about toys!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on her human mums feet. She thinks if she does that her mum won’t leave the house!


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