Year of the Dog Day 106

I didn’t get chance to look for a dog in the day so I planned to pop to the park when I got back to Bolton, but it turned out that I bumped into a beautiful dog on the way to my car! I met really lovely Lassie, what a friendly dog, we got to have a hug! Lassie human mummy really wanted to get a dog but her dad wasn’t so sure so they named her Lassie after his boyhood dog to talk him round; good thinking! Lassie is a rescue dog from the Destitute Animal Shelter in Bolton She was rescued at 6 mouths old. Lassie lives with another dog called Dylan who’s 14 years old. They get on very well but she’s a bit nervous around other dogs, her human mummy thinks that something possibly happened to her before she was rescued.

Lassie’s human mum happens to be an animal photographer so I’ve asked her to give me some tips! You can check out her photos at

Beautiful Lassie!

Beautiful Lassie!

Look at that smile!

Look at that smile!

Name: Lassie

Breed: Border Collie Cross

Age: 7 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines, carrots and cheese. Lassie isn’t a massive eater though!

Favourite toy: She loves playing with her ball but she also has a soft toy puppy which she carries round by the neck and cuddles!

Favourite pastime: Walking. Lassie has walked up Snowden twice in the past year!


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