Year of the Dog Day 116

I went to my parents house today and so we all went for a walk after dinner! It didn’t take long before we bumped into very beautiful Margo a Vizsla. She was very excited a could barely keep still! She isn’t quite a year old yet! Margo lives with 2 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. They tend to take them on separate walks as Margo needs to walk much further, I think she tires the other two out!

Beautiful Margo!

Beautiful Margo!

Look at my stick!

Look at my stick!

Name: Margo

Breed: Vizsla

Age: 11 months old

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Sticks!

Favourite pastime: Chewing sticks and running!


One thought on “Year of the Dog Day 116

  1. hello year of the dog its dennis the vizsla dog hay their i am!!! or i meen their my kuzzin is!!! wel not my kuzzin but a dog wot luks like me ennyway!!! eksept for beeing a girl and not having a hat!!! ennyway hi margo nice to meet yoo yoo shoor ar a pritty girl!!! ok bye

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