Year of the Dog Day 126

I had the day off today and so I took Ethan to Pets at Home to have a little look at the rabbits and fish; he loves it! Whilst we were in there we bumped into a lady with 4 dogs, 2 were hers and she was looking after the other 2 whilst their parents were at work! I took a picture of very friendly Lola, a very happy Jack Russell! Lola lives with another lovely Jack Russell called Rodney and a cat called Lucy. Lola and Lucy play with each other all of the time chasing each other, Lola will walk round with Lucy handing off her! Lola also likes having a good chat!

Lovely Lola!

Lovely Lola!

Name: Lola

Breed: Parson Jack Russell and Patterdale Terrier cross

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite toy: Ball!

Favourite pastime: Chasing her ball and squirrels!


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