Year of the Dog Day 128

I really wanted to spot a dog in the day time today as I’m stretched for time this evening but I didn’t spot any! Manchester seemed really quiet today!

By the time I left work it was absolutely pouring down so I went to Pets at Home on the way home hoping I’d spot a dog, there were none! I picked up Ethan from nursery and decided I’d drive round to my parents so that I could pop round to their neighbours house and take a picture of very handsome Loki! I’ve known Loki since he was a very cute puppy; he’s massive now! He was very excited that I’d come round and did lots of tricks! Loki’s human mummy told me about a time when the window cleaners came round the back of the house but forgot to check if Loki was about. Loki came bounding out of the house to see who was there but as he’s so massive they were terrified and one jumped over the fence and the other climbed up the ladder! He’s a big softy really!

Handsome Loki!

Handsome Loki!

Name: Loki

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Weight:45 kilos!

Favourite toy: Kong toy and a square treat box

Favourite pastime: Walking!


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