Year of the Dog Day 131

I popped to the park after work today but it seemed pretty quiet at first. I walked past a really cute Jack Russell but it’s owner was on the phone so I couldn’t stop him! I walked a bit further on and spotted a lovely looking dog across the field so I went over to say hello! I met beautiful Ellie a very friendly Briard. Ellie lives with another Briard called Deifer who’s 8 years old who she follow around all of the time! They go for separate walks as it can be hard work taking the two of them! Ellie enjoys playing hide and seek with her human mummy, she’ll hide behind trees until Ellie finds her!

Lovely Ellie!

Lovely Ellie!

Name: Ellie

Breed: Briard

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Tripe, Ox heart, pasta and brown rice!

Favourite toy: Squeaky toys

Favourite pastime: Walking!


One thought on “Year of the Dog Day 131

  1. Oh wow! As a teenager Briard was always the first breed of dog I wanted to own…they’re kinda hard to find in rescues though, so we ended up with our loopy pups instead! 🙂

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