Year of the Dog Day 162

I went out at lunchtime today but I didn’t spot any dogs; I did have a nice walk though!

On my way back to the car when I got back to Bolton I spotted a beautiful dog so I went over to say hello! I met Ruby who’s an English Setter, I’ve not had one on my blog yet! Ruby is a really friendly girl; she ended up leaning in to me and we had a big hug! She loves her human’s grandkids but she sometimes knocks them over; she doesn’t realise how big she is!

Beautiful Ruby!

Beautiful Ruby!

Name: Ruby

Breed: English Setter

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything that humans eat! Ruby has a special diet and eats hypoallergenic food.

Favourite toy: His humans  grandkids toys! Ruby especially likes soft toys.

Favourite pastime: Running with other dogs! Ruby has a best friend called Charlie who was rescued from Crete!


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