Year of the Dog Day 168

I had a great day out at Monkey World and the Tank museum today. I saw a baby Orangutan, sooooo cute! On the way back we stopped off at Lulworth Cove, it was very beautiful and I was pretty sure that I’d spot some dogs there! I was in luck and met a very cute and extremely excited Cocker Spaniel called Alfie. He’d just been for swim in the sea and was then very happy to chase his ball around; he has bags of energy!

Handsome Alfie!

Handsome Alfie!

I love my ball!

I love my ball!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 20 months old

Favourite food: Sausages!

Favourite toy: A teddy bear and a cuddly mere cat! Alfie loves his toys and always makes sure he has one in his mouth to greet people!

Favourite pastime: Swimming in the sea and chasing his ball!


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