Year of the Dog Day 190

I was in work today and I got a call over the radio saying there was a very cute dog outside that I had to go and see! I went down to the entrance as quick as I could so I could meet Bronson a gorgeous puppy Dachshund. Two Dachshunds in one week, what a lucky girl! Bronson is mega excited all of the time! He doesn’t keep still because he’s really happy about all of the people that he can meet! I got to have a little cuddle with him almost straight away and got lots of kisses, such a friendly boy.

Gorgeous Bronson!

Gorgeous Bronson!

Tickle my tummy!

Tickle my tummy!

Name: Bronson

Breed: Wire Haired Miniature Dachshund and Smooth Haired Dachshund cross

Age: 6 months old

Favourite food: Hot dogs!

Favourite toy: Kong toy

Favourite pastime: Meeting people and having lots of fuss! Bronson isn’t very keen on going for walks, he hides when his human dad gets the lead out! He always enjoys it in the end though!


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