Year of the Dog Day 195

I went to the park after work today, it was a slightly different time than usual which was good as there were loads of dogs about. I spotted a lady with 4 dogs so I went over to say hello. It turns out that is was Tank’s (Day 117) human mummy. At first I thought wow she would have her hands full with 5 dogs but it turns out she’s a dog walker! I decided to make Milo, a very handsome Husky my dog of the day. He was very excitable, such a happy and lively boy!

Handsome Milo!

Handsome Milo!

Name: Milo

Breed: Husky

Age: 14 months old

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Balls and pull toys

Favourite pastime: Milo loves going for a run with his human mummy. She has a harness that she uses for running instead of a lead.


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