Year of the Dog Day 202

I went out for a little walk at lunchtime but there weren’t any dogs about! When my husband got in from work I went out for a stroll to the park. I spotted a little Jack Russell having lots of fun playing with a ball and a Frisbee so I went over to meet her! Daisy is very cute and very friendly. She was with her human brother and his granddad; they love each other loads, she thinks the world of her human brother! Daisy once had a litter of 8 puppies, they didn’t keep any but they are still in touch with some of them which is nice! Daisy does a very cute thing to get herself tucked into bed at night! She throws her blankets in the air and then wraps herself up in them; she gets so covered up that you can’t see she’s there!

Lovely Daisy!

Lovely Daisy!

Name: Daisy

Breed: Jack Russell

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! She’s not so keen on her dry food though but she loves anything that she can scrounge!

Favourite toy: Daisy doesn’t play with soft or squeaky toys but she loves balls and enjoys stealing her human brothers ball off him!

Favourite pastime: Barking and sleeping!


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