Year of the Dog Day 209

It’s been raining loads again today so I didn’t get out at lunchtime. I had to wait for my husband to get back from work before I went out in search for a dog, fortunately I managed to get a break in the rain. I walked to a park and spotted a family walking a really cute, happy looking dog. Oscar is a lovely Cavachon, he’s a really friendly boy and gave me a little kiss! Oscar has  two different colour eyes, one brown and one blue, he looks very cool, he’s like David Bowie! His eye colour meant that some people weren’t interested in him but fortunately his family fell in love with him; they wanted an extra member for their family, it doesn’t matter what colour his eyes are! Oscar has two human sisters, they all love each other very much!

Handsome Oscar!

Handsome Oscar!


Name: Oscar

Breed: Cavachon (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise cross

Age: 18 months old

Favourite food: Oscar will eat anything but he especially loves chicken.

Favourite toy: A scraggy piece of rope! Oscar has had this rope since he was a puppy. He loves to play with it and throws it to his humans when he wants to play, he also takes it to bed with him.

Favourite pastime: Walking


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