Year of the Dog Day 211

I had a really busy day in work today so there was no time to go out at lunchtime to search for a dog. I also had to work late so I was planning to drive to the nearest park when I got back to Bolton but I was really lucky and as soon as I walked out of the train station I bumped into a very handsome German Shepherd. Sebastian is very friendly, I gave him lots of strokes and he lent into me for a cuddle! I’ve met Sebastian once before, he’s friends with Tank from day 117! Sebastian is very handsome and everyone that walked past commented on how gorgeous he is! When he was a puppy people stopped his humans all of the time to tell them how gorgeous he is, they even had a gorgeous count! I saw a picture of Sebastian as a puppy, very, very cute! Sebastian is also a clever boy, he can do some tricks and even showed me some!

Handsome Sebastian!

Handsome Sebastian!

Name: Sebastian

Breed: Long Haired German Shepherd

Age: 15 months old

Favourite food: Sebastian isn’t driven by food!

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite pastime: Chasing his ball!


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