Year of the Dog Day 238

It’s national dog day today, hello all of you lovely doggies!

I went round to my parents house this afternoon with Ethan, my two nephews were there as well, they were all mega excited! Myself, Ethan, my nephews and my dad all went on a walk for a dog search and as soon as I got to the bottom of the street I spotted a very excited Springer Spaniel. Molly was on a walk with her human daddy and human sister. Molly’s a very happy doggy, she was having the best time chasing her ball! Molly’s human granddad also has a Springer Spaniel called Charlie (her dog uncle!) which she’s friends with, they see each other all the time.

After I saw Molly I also saw beautiful Poppy from Day 3, such a lovely girl. Ethan and my nephews are now obsessed with her, they gave her lots of strokes and she didn’t stop smiling! They wanted to follow her home! When I first saw Poppy I didn’t get a great photo of her as it was turning dark so I got another shot of her today!

Beautiful Molly!

Beautiful Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sardines, she loves them and they’re really good for her. Molly’s humans make sure she has a good diet to keep her in the best of health.

Favourite toy: Tennis ball

Favourite pastime: Chasing her ball, walking and swimming!

Here’s a new picture of Poppy!

Gorgeous Poppy!

Gorgeous Poppy!


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