Year of the Dog Day 253

I’ve met up with some friends tonight after work, it was great to catch up with some of the former IWM North crew! I really wanted to find a dog early on today, I was worried I’d struggle in the evening so I went for a walk when I got to Manchester this morning but no joy! I went out at lunchtime but again no dogs! Fortunately pretty much as soon as I left work this evening I bumped into a beautiful and excited puppy!

Lily is a lovely friendly girl, I think she’s excited to see everyone! Lily was a good girl and sat for her photo, she’s such a cutie. Look at those lovely ears, so gorgeous. Lily likes to chew her lead, she’s even managed to tangle it up!

Beautiful Lily!

Beautiful Lily!

Name: Lily
Breed: Husky and German Shepherd Cross
Age: 4.5 months old
Favourite food: Schmackos and peanut butter!
Favourite toy: Rope
Favourite pastime: Sleeping


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