Year of the Dog Day 255

I went to MOSI today with Tim and Ethan. On the way there I spotted a gorgeous dog and it turned out it was Rodney from Day 41; I gave him a little stroke!

I didn’t spot any other dogs in Manchester so I went for a walk to the park when I got home. It was pretty quiet about but then I spotted a lovely dog at the bottom of the hill so I headed down the hill to say hello! Toby is a very friendly and handsome boy! He’d just been for a swim so he was all wet but I still gave him a good stroke! It was difficult to get a photo of Toby as he wouldn’t keep still; he’s an excited boy! Toby is partially sighted. When he was a puppy they discovered that he had a problem with his eyes so he had to go and see a specialist. Toby has cataracts in his both of his eyes, if they get worse he might need to have an operation. Toby lives with his dog brother, a Beagle called Milo. They get on really well and are best friends! Toby is a real mummy’s boy, he follows her everywhere!

Handsome Toby!

Handsome Toby!

Name: Toby

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Toby is really greedy!

Favourite toy: Toby and Milo have a big toy box but his favourite thing to play with is an empty toilet roll!

Favourite pastime: Swimming!


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