Year of the Dog Day 265

I had to wait for Tim to get home tonight before I could go in search for a dog, so as soon as he got back I headed to the park. I could see some dogs in the distance so I ran (it was really more of a slow jog) to catch them up! When I got closer to the group of 4 dogs I realised that one of the dogs was gorgeous Mika from day 74. Her dog brother Mason wasn’t with her today as he’s hurt his paw, I hope he feels better soon. Two of the dogs in the group today were gorgeous French Bulldogs and it turns out they also live with Mika and Mason; 4 brilliant dogs in one house, I’m well jealous! Mika is like the mummy bear and looks after them all! I decided to make beautiful Lexi my dog of the day. Lexi is Norman the other French Bulldogs mummy, it’s nice that Lexi gets to live with her lovely boy! Hopefully I’ll see Norman again so that he can be my Dog of the Day. Lexi is a really friendly girl, she never stops smiling and I got to give her lots of strokes! Lexi and Norman are going to feature in the French Bulldog Rescue GB 2016 Calendar.

Beautiful Lexi. Look at that big smile!

Beautiful Lexi. Look at that big smile!



Name: Lexi

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Rope

Favourite pastime: Playing tug of war with Norman and going to the park with her dog friends!


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