Year of the Dog Day 273

I went to my parents house this afternoon so myself, my dad and Ethan decided to go for a walk. We only got to the end of the street when we bumped into Mia from Day 105, such a lovely girl! I then spotted a very handsome Dalmatian so I went over to meet him. Dexter is very friendly boy and he really liked Ethan; he loves kids and has a human brother! Dexter is the first Dalmatian I’ve had on my blog so I was really pleased to meet him! I’m not very familiar with the breed but his human mummy was telling me what a loving and affectionate breed they are. Dexter loves to have cuddles and giving kisses; I got a kiss off him!

Handsome Dexter!

Handsome Dexter!



Name: Dexter

Breed: Dalmatian

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Dexter loves food and is very motivated by it. He also really likes beer!

Favourite toy: Red ball

Favourite pastime: Sitting on his humans knee and having a cuddle. Dexter thinks he’s a lap dog!

Look at this cute picture Dexter’s human mummy has sent me, so cute!



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