Year of the Dog Day 306

I went to pick up Ethan from my parents early today so it was still light when I went in search for a dog. As I got to the bottom of the street I spotted a really happy, beautiful Border Collie so I went to say hello. Scout has such a pretty face, she’s a lovely girl! Scout is named after a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, it’s her human mummy’s favourite book. Scout’s doggy parents are both working dogs, his mum herds sheep and his dad herds cows!

Beautiful Scout!

Beautiful Scout!

Name: Scout

Breed: Border Collie

Age:17 months old (human years)

Favourite food: Scout eats Wainwrights, her human daddy isn’t sure that it’s her favourite thing to eat though!

Favourite toy: Scout has lots of toys which she likes; she especially likes tennis balls!

Favourite pastime: Chasing bikes, she likes to herd them!


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