Year of the Dog Day 310

I went out at lunchtime in search for a dog today but unfortunately I didn’t spot any! I didn’t spot any on the way home either! There was a big firework display on tonight so I didn’t think there would be that many dogs out and about so I decided to ask one of my neighbours if I could make their dog my Dog of the Day. Jackson is a mega friendly dog, he was so excited when me and Ethan went round, I think he licked my face for 5 minutes! Jackson really loves people and he especially loves kids and his human’s grandson. When he comes to stay he has a sleepover with him and sleeps on the top bunk, how cute is that! Jackson had previous owners but they found him too boisterous so his current humans took him in; they thinks he’s the best dog they’ve ever had! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a great picture today but you can see how friendly Jackson’s face is!

Handsome Jackson!

Handsome Jackson!

Name: Jackson

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dried food

Favourite toy: People!

Favourite pastime: Being with people!


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