Year of the Dog Day 314

I went out at lunchtime today but I didn’t spot any dogs so I went for a walk round the block near Ethan’s nursery but still no joy! I had to wait for my husband to get back before I could resume my search for a dog. It was dark by the time I headed out, I’m really not a fan of these dark nights! I walked for a little while and then I spotted a gorgeous looking dog across the road so I went over to meet him. Brock is a lovely American Bulldog, I haven’t had one on my blog yet so I pleased to meet him! Brock has a lovely temperament, he’s very chilled out! Brock’s human got him when he was a puppy but he had anther older dog that found him a bit much so he temporally went to live with his friend. Brock moved back in with his human when he was about 1 year old; he’d calmed down by that point and he got on really well with the other older dog.

Gorgeous Brock!

Gorgeous Brock!

Name: Brock

Breed: American Bulldog

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: His human grandma’s Sunday roast!

Favourite toy: Brock doesn’t play with toys as he destroys them in minutes!

Favourite pastime: Having a walk about!


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