Year of the Dog Day 322

I had to walk to the other side of Manchester today so I hoped I would see a dog then but unfortunately not. I didn’t see on the way to the train station either! I had an appointment back in Bolton but I left work earlier enough to get a train that would give me time to look for a dog before my appointment. Unfortunately the train other ideas; there was a point failure I ended up in Wigan! By the time I finally got back to Bolton I didn’t have time to look for a dog before my appointment so I had to go after.

It was pretty late by the time I managed to look for a dog but there was a shop near by which I headed to and I spotted two lovely dogs heading towards the shop. Pippa and Lily are really cute little dogs, Lily is a bit shy so we decided that Pippa should be the Dog of the Day. Pippa and Lily get on but Pippa can sometime get on Lily’s nerves, they’ve got quite different personalities!


Lovely Pippa


Name: Pippa

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dentastix

Favourite toy: Socks! Pippa loves socks! She collects them and then hides them round the house; Pippa’s humans always have to wear odd socks! Pippa always tries to fit 3 socks in her mouth at the same time!

Favourite pastime: Jumping and chasing Lilly!


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