Year of the Dog Day 337

I’ve travelled to Edinburgh today, it’s my first time here, what a beautiful city! Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped raining since I arrived which has hampered my dog searching a little!  I’d just come out of a shop where I bought a much needed umbrella when clever Tim spotted a very handsome French Bulldog; result! I was really pleased to meet lovely Louis and I was very happy when his humans let me take his picture; they were very kind as it meant they had to stand about in the rain! Louis is a very friendly boy, I gave him a good stroke and he lent into my legs for extra good stroking. Louis also made sure that Tim also said hello!


Handsome Louis!


Name: Louis

Breed: French Bulldog Blue

Age: 14 months old

Favourite food: Chicken and fish!

Favourite toy: Rope toy. Louis also enjoys playing with dirty socks, he’s not interested in clean ones though! Louis like to suckle the socks, bless him, how sweet!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping and running!


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