Year of the Dog Day 344

I went for a walk around Manchester at lunchtime today but although it was really busy there weren’t any dogs about! I was meeting a couple of friends to go around the Christmas market this evening so after work I headed out around Manchester looking for a dog. Again it was really busy out but I couldn’t spot any dogs! I decided to walk to the Northern Quarter to see if I could spot any dogs there! I popped into a shop and asked one of the staff if he knew of any shops which had a dog; he did and he told me to go around the corner to James Darby Designs.

I headed round the corner to the shop and I was very happy when I spotted a Boxer Dog in the window! Trevor gave me a very warm welcome when I went inside. I was really pleased that James agreed to let me take Trevor’s photo, he’s a lovely doggy. Trevor has a big personality, he’s full of pizazz, I think he’s probably always very excited and smiley! I got to give Trevor lots of fuss, he lent in for bug cuddles and also sat on my knee! Trevor loves going to work with his human daddy every day, he has a big smile on his face every morning.


Handsome Trevor!



How can I help you sir?


Name: Trevor

Breed: Boxer Dog

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Chicken Tikka and rice!

Favourite toy: Tennis ball!

Favourite pastime: Running!


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