Year of the Dog Day 365

I’ve done it! Today is the final day of my blog, day 365! I can’t quite believe it! It’s been a fantastic year, I’ve literally met hundreds of amazing dogs! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people that have followed the blog, the lovely dog owners that have let me take pictures of their brilliant dogs and of course all of the gorgeous doggies themselves! I also want to say a huge thank you to my son Ethan who has been very patient whilst I’ve taken the photo’s and my husband Tim who has also been very patient and supportive (he’s also my IT support!). I also wanted to thank my mum and dad who have come on loads of dog spotting walks with me, they’re the best! Thanks also to my friends who have also been dog spotting for the past year!

I was very excited about meeting Dog 365 today so I decided to visit Heaton Park as I knew there would loads of dogs there! It didn’t take me long before I spotted one of my favourite breeds of dog, a Dogue De Bordeaux so I went over to say hello. Lucy is a very happy girl indeed, she has a massive smile on her face all of the time! She was having a great time running and leaping about! I gave her a good stroke, she’s extremely friendly. Despite her friendly face her human told me that some people are scared of her because she’s so big; she’s a gentle giant though! Lucy’s human has owned a number of Dogue De Bordeaux’s and unfortunately he lost one, Brody earlier this year. He also foster’s Dogue De Bordeaux’s whilst they find their forever home. Lucy was also out with one of her neighbours who takes her out for a walk whilst her human daddy is at work.


Beautiful Lucy!




Action shot!


Name: Lucy

Breed: Dogue De Bordeaux

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything that isn’t dog food!

Favourite toy: Lucy doesn’t really play with toys but she loves playing with her human, he’s her toy!

Favourite pastime: Rolling around in muddy puddles!


5 thoughts on “Year of the Dog Day 365

  1. I found your blog late in the year but I’ve really enjoyed it! I was thinking the other day that a real challenge for you would be a Year of the Cat blog – could you imagine trying to find a new cat every day for a year? Haha! Anyway, thanks for all the cool pics and profiles of dogs. Lovely!

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