Year of the Dog Day 177

I had a meeting on the other side of Manchester today but I didn’t spot any dogs whilst on my travels! I was going to walk around the block when I got to Ethan’s nursery but it started pouring down so I gave that a miss! Fortunately by the time my husband got back from work it had stopped raining so I didn’t need to get wet! I spotted a dog pretty much as soon as I got to the park. I met very lovely Toby, he was very excited and happy! The humans that were with Toby are looking after him for a week for the lady’s sister in law so they weren’t 100% sure on all of the details! The lady’s grandkids were very excited about looking after him, I think he’s going to get very spoilt this week!

Lovely Toby!

Lovely Toby!

Name: Toby

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 9 months old

Favourite toy: Tennis ball and a squeaky bone!

Favourite pastime: Running around peoples feet!


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