Year of the Dog Day 178

I went for a walk at lunchtime today and on my way back to work I spotted an amazing dog on the other side of the road, so as soon as it was safe I ran across the road! Snoop is a cross between a Dachshund and Basset Hound; what a great combination! Snoop is a very friendly boy and he’s also very chatty, he talked the whole time I was there! Snoop really loves human company, he gets anxious if he’s on his own so he goes to work with his humans every day, lucky boy! Snoop loves human company so much he thinks he is human! He has a dog bed which he won’t use, instead he sleeps in one of his humans beds!

Gorgeous Snoop!

Gorgeous Snoop!

Lovely boy!

Lovely boy!

Name: Snoop

Breed: Dachshund and Bassett Hound cross

Age: 10 years old (Human years)

Favourite food: Human food!

Favourite toy: Snoop doesn’t play with toys, he’s happy just being with his humans!

Favourite pastime: Sleeping!


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