Year of the Dog Day 182

I’ve been very excited about today! When I went to the dog show at Turton Tower the other week I met a gorgeous puppy Saint Bernard called Geoff but I already had a dog of the day so we swapped details and arranged to meet up; today was that day! I’ve been telling everyone for the past week about the puppy and mummy Saint Bernard that I’ve arranged to meet, so exciting!

Myself and Ethan went to Moses gate country park this morning and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I met amazing Emma and Geoff! They are both really friendly, me and Ethan got to give them lots of strokes, I even got to have my photo taken with them! Although Geoff is only 4 months old he’s already a winner and won best in show at the dog show where I met them! Emma has also been to Crufts and Geoff will enter when he’s older! Emma is Geoff’s mummy. She had a litter of 7 puppies but unfortunately she lost 3 of them. Geoff loves his mummy and also enjoys tormenting her, Emma is a patient dog!

Gorgeous Emma!

Gorgeous Emma!

Handsome Geoff!

Handsome Geoff!

Me looking very happy with gorgeous and massive Emma and Geoff!

Me looking very happy with gorgeous and massive Emma and Geoff!

Name: Emma (mummy)

Breed: Saint Bernard

Age: 5 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Warburtons bread, what a good Boltonian! She also enjoys pot noodle and icecream!

Favourite toy: Emma can get a bit obsessed with toys, she starts to think they are babies and get a bit upset  so she doesn’t have them at the moment.

Favourite pastime: Sleeping

Name: Geoff

Breed: Saint Bernard

Age: 4 months old

Favourite food: Anything! Geoff doesn’t have a favourite food yet!

Favourite toy: His mummy!

Favourite pastime: Swimming


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