Year of the Dog Day 183

It’s been miserable weather today, lots of rain; I definitely didn’t wear the right shoes today! When I got back to Bolton I went home to get my raincoat and some different shoes and headed out to the park! I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t spot any dogs, it was really quiet! Fortunately after I’d been there for about five minutes I spotted a lady with a Westie  up on the fields. They were heading out of the park so I had to move pretty quickly to catch them!

The lovely Westie I met was gorgeous Daisy. She was with her human Grandma who’s looking after her whilst her humans are away! Daisy is very cute and looked like she’s really enjoyed her walk in the rain!

Lovely Daisy!

Lovely Daisy!

Cute Daisy!

Cute Daisy!

Name: Daisy

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Age: 4 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Tuna! Daisy loves fish and tuna is her absolute favourite!

Favourite toy: Long rat toy that squeaks!

Favourite pastime: Daisy loves rolling around on the grass. She also rolls over for treats, clever girl!


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