Year of the Dog Day 184

It’s been a lovely sunny day today! I went for a walk at lunchtime and sat in a park for a while but I didn’t spot any dogs. When I arrived back in Bolton I spotted a really handsome looking dog at the top of the station so I went to say hello. I met gorgeous Taz a German Shepherd and Husky cross. Taz is a rescue dog from Bleakholt animal sancuary. He’s 11 years old but his current human daddy has only had him since last August. Sadly in September Taz was diagnosed with cancer in his tail which he’s had to have removed. They then discovered a cancerous lump in his ear which he has just had removed this week, he still has the stitches bless him! He was in really good spirits though, what a lovely boy. Taz’s human had a really hard year last year so he decided that he needed to get another dog; he told me that Taz has rescued him! Taz is a really lovely friendly dog, he gave me a little kiss and I stroked his tummy! Taz’s human is also great, what a really friendly man, it was a real pleasure to meet him!

Handsome Taz!

Handsome Taz!

Lovey boy!

Lovey boy!

Name: Taz

Breed: German Shepherd and Husky cross

Age: 11 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Taz likes to eat Ceaser. He’s a bit overweight at the moment so he’s on a diet but some neighbours kids keep feeding him pasties over the fence!

Favourite toy: Taz doesn’t play with toys

Favourite pastime: Going to the park! He goes to Queens park in Bolton every morning for a walk and then again in the afternoon whilst his human daddy plays bowls.


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