Year of the Dog Day 229

I went to Smithills Hall today with Ethan and some friends and it didn’t take long before I spotted a beautiful Long Haired German Shepherd! Poppy is a very smiley friendly girl, she said hello the Ethan and my friends children Evan and Stanley! She played fetch with them all when they threw her some sticks! Poppy is a very beautiful girl, so beautiful that she has been in Lancashire Life Magazine!

Beautiful Poppy!

Beautiful Poppy!



Name: Poppy

Breed: Long Haired and Short Haired German Shepherd Cross

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Poppy loves Dentastix, she’s addicted to them! Apart from them she’ll eat anything!

Favourite toy: Poppy has two teddies, Donna and Rudy. She loves to carry them and chew them but they’re always injured; Ruby’s human mummy is always having to fix them! She also loves her blue ball.

Favourite pastime: Poppy loves chasing stones when they’ve been thrown into the river  but she doesn’t like to swim, Poppy will only paddle!


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