Year of the Dog Day 230

I didn’t get chance to go out at lunchtime today so I planned to pop to the park after work. As I was approaching the park I spotted a Schnauzer, I was  pretty excited as I really like Schnauzers so I went over to say hello. Unfortunately the Schnauzers human didn’t want me to take his picture, gutted!

I went for a little walk round the park and it was pretty  quiet, I though I might have to search elsewhere when I spotted a Jack Russell up on the field, I had to run a bit to catch them up! I met very cute Sally. Sally is a little nervous of new people but it didn’t take long before we made friends, I ended up getting a little kiss! Sally is a rescue dog. Her humans spotted a school kid carrying her, she had just found her wondering the street, she was only 2 months old and was skin and bones so her humans took her home!

Beautiful Sally!

Beautiful Sally!

Name: Sally

Breed: Long Haired Jack Russell

Age: 6 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Sally likes to swop her food regularly; she especially likes meet!

Favourite toy: Ball with rope attached. Sally likes to play fetch with it!

Favourite pastime: Playing fetch in the field at the park!


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