Year of the Dog Day 258

Myself and a colleague had some time to kill this morning whilst we were waiting for the V&A to open so we popped to a little café; I was really chuffed when I saw a gorgeous dog outside! I gave Luna a good stroke, she was very happy! She kept chewing her lead, she always likes to have something in her mouth! At first I thought she might be a Boxer Dog cross but it turns out that she is a Victorian Bulldog, I didn’t know that there was such a breed! Victorian Bulldogs are similar to Bulldogs but they are slightly taller and tend to have less breathing problems; they are similar to Bulldogs in temperament though! When Luna was a puppy they discovered that she is completely deaf but they are still able to communicate with her by using hand gestures, it’s like doggy sign language! She’s such a happy girl, she definitely doesn’t let being deaf hold her back!

Beautiful Luna!

Beautiful Luna!

Name: Luna

Breed: Victorian Bulldog

Age: 2 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Luna has a special diet as she has a skin condition.

Favourite toy: Luna has lots of toys and likes to play with them all!

Favourite pastime: Playing!


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