Year of the Dog Day 259

I went for a little walk to the park with Ethan this evening and as soon as I got there I spotted a puppy Bulldog, what a find! It’s fair to say I was pretty chuffed! Winston is a really lovely friendly dog, I gave him lots of strokes and so did Ethan. Winston is such a cutie that everyone wants to stop and stroke him, he had a number of admirers whilst I was with him! Winston originally had a previous owner but they had a Pug which didn’t get on with him so he was returned to the breeder and then his current human took him home! Winston’s human was going to go on another holiday this year but decided to buy Winston instead; he’s definitely better than a holiday! Winston’s human mummy is trying to teach him not to beg for food but she has discovered that her neighbour has been giving him food over the fence!

Gorgeous Winston!

Gorgeous Winston!


Name: Winston

Breed: British Bulldog

Age: 4 months old

Favourite food: Winston loves treats!

Favourite toy: A squeaky cuddly bird with wings; he likes to chew it!

Favourite pastime: Sitting on the back of the sofa and climbing on his human mummy’s shoulder!


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