Year of the Dog Day 268

I didn’t spot any dogs in Manchester at lunchtime today so I had to wait for Tim to get back home from work before I could go on a dog search. Tim got back a bit later than usual, I was a bit worried that it was getting dark; I’ve not been looking forward to the darker nights! As soon as he got back I headed to the park and when I got there I spotted a man with two gorgeous Cavalier Spaniels. Willow and bailey are both lovely girls! I decided to make Willow my dog of the day, I’m hoping that I’ll see Bailey again before the year is out! Willow is such a friendly girl, she loves saying hello to people and having a fuss, I gave her loads of strokes! Willow and Bailey get on well with each other but Bailey was a little put out when Willow moved in! Willow bugs Bailey a little though, when they play chase with the ball Willow tugs on Baileys ears!

Beautiful Willow with Bailey having a peek!

Beautiful Willow with Bailey having a peek!

Name: Willow

Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Age: 1 year old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything! Willow loves food and will really eat anything!

Favourite toy: Willow doesn’t really play with toys but she likes playing with Bailey.

Favourite pastime: Eating and having a fuss made of her!


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