Year of the Dog Day 269

I went for a walk at lunchtime today and almost straight away I spotted what I thought was a handsome German Shepherd. It turns out that Archie is actually a German Shepherd and Akita cross. I couldn’t see the Akita at first but there were certain facial expressions that he would do where you could see some Akita! Archie is a lovely boy, but he can be a little timid, he doesn’t like load noises. A few people stopped to stoke Archie whilst I was with him because he’s so nice!

Handsome Archie!

Handsome Archie!

Name: Archie

Breed: German Shepherd and Akita cross

Age: 4 years old (human years). Archie will be 5 in October.

Favourite food: Sheep!

Favourite toy: His teddy! Archie has had it since he was a puppy and it’s still in tact! He likes to throw it in the air and cuddle it at night.

Favourite pastime: Walking! Archie goes for 8 mile walks in the hills every day.


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