Year of the Dog Day 82

I went out at lunchtime but it was a bit miserable and I didn’t spot any dogs.

I popped to the park after work and I saw Bella from day 72, she was very happy chasing her ball! I walked a bit further on and spotted a very handsome Border Collie called Buddy. He’s such a friendly boy and was very excited! He loves running around and  chasing his ball and would literally carry on until he couldn’t stand anymore if they let him! Buddy has his own Facebook page. Buddy lives with two other dog friends!

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best so I put both on!

Handsome Buddy

Handsome Buddy

Throw the ball!

Throw the ball!

Name: Buddy

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 9 months old

Favourite food: Cocktail sausages

Favourite toy: His ball

Favourite pastime: Chasing his ball!

Year of the Dog Day 78

I had to walk to the other side of town for a meeting today so I was hopeful that I would see a dog but unfortunately I didn’t spot any!

I went for a walk around the  block when I arrived at Ethan’s nursery but again nothing! I decided to pop to the park with Ethan and have a look. Usually when I’ve had Ethan with me he’s been in his pram or trike or I’ve had someone else with me so I was a bit worried that he might run off as I’m trying to get a picture but he was a really good boy!

I met very handsome Rocky! He’s such a well behaved boy, he sat whilst I took his picture and I managed to get a shot of him shaking his paw! Rocky was rescued by his current owner. His previous owner died and he was left in the back garden on his own without food for over 24 hours. His current owner heard about his plight and rescued him; they’re best friends now!

Handsome Rocky

Handsome Rocky

Shake a paw!

Shake a paw!

Name: Rocky

Breed: Cross possibly German Shepherd and Border Collie

Age: Approximately 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Cheese!

Favourite toy: Squeaky bone

Favourite pastime: Having a mooch around!

Year of the Dog Day 73

I popped round to my parents house this morning (I’m always there, I’m stalking them!) and so went for a walk to the end of their street, a dog hot spot! At first there was no one about but by the time I’d walked round the block there was around 8 dogs! Today I met beautiful Millie a German Shepherd and Border Collie cross, what a cute combo! Millie is a rescue dog from Manchester Dogs home.

Gorgeous Millie

Gorgeous Millie

Name: Millie

Breed: Border Collie and German Shepherd Cross

Age: 9 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Anything!

Favourite toy: Millie isn’t that fussed on toys, she only really plays with a ball when she goes out for walk!

Favourite pastime: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 70

The weather has been miserable today! I had the day off today so I decided to go rounds to my parents house and then go on a search for a dog, but it wouldn’t stop raining! I waited for the rain to be not quite so heavy and went for a walk and spotted a very handsome Border Collie called Rocky. It was quite difficult to get a good picture of Rocky though, he wouldn’t keep still!

Handsome Rocky!

Handsome Rocky!

Name: Rocky

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 8 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Dog food with jelly in it!

Favourite toy: Rocky doesn’t play with toys!

Favourite pastimes: Walking!

Year of the Dog Day 64

I popped to the park when I got back to Bolton after work. There wasn’t that many dogs about, there are usually loads, but I did spot a very lovely looking dog called Tessa. Tessa is very friendly, she liked having a little stroke! Tessa is a rescue dog from the animal shelter in Bolton.

Lovely Tessa!

Lovely Tessa!

Name: Tessa

Breed: Cross breed Collie with another unknown breed.

Age: 15 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Meat

Favourite toy: Tessa’s favourite toy used to be a toy called Spike but she doesn’t play with toys any more, she’s too old!

Favourite pastime: Walking and having a fuss!

Year of the Dog Day 52

I walked to the train station this morning on the way to work, the weather was pretty horrible so I didn’t have high hopes of spotting a dog and I didn’t! I went for a little walk at lunch time but I didn’t spot any. When I got back to Bolton I walked back home from the train station. I got to right to near my house when I spotted a dog. I went over to say hello and then I realised that is was gorgeous Louis from day 4; my search continued! I carried on walking, I got pretty far without spotting anything.

I was loosing hope and then a spotted a lady walking 2 dogs so I ran up a hill after her. I was very revealed to meet Alfie, he’s lovely and such a well behaved boy! I thought he was a Border Collie but he’s actually a Welsh Sheepdog. Alfie is a bit of a miracle dog. He once swallowed a stick which made a hole in his throat. The vets were very concerned but somehow his throat managed to heal itself!

Lovely Alfie!

Lovely Alfie!

Name: Alfie

Breed: Welsh Sheepdog

Age: 11 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Alfie is very lucky and has his food freshly cooked for him daily. He likes mince, off cuts, pasta and veg!

Favourite toy: Tyre

Favourite pastime: Chasing balls!

Year of the Dog Day 51

I had to wait until after work again today to find a dog! I walked back from nursery pushing my son in the pram so I was pretty sure that I’d find a dog. I spotted a small little dog from afar but then I realised that it was Baily from day 16! I walked a bit further on and met beautiful Bonnie! She’s 11 years old but you wouldn’t think it, she had bags of energy, what a gorgeous dog! Her human mum had already heard about my blog from Keith and Iris that were walking Petra from day 43!

Lovely Bonnie!

Lovely Bonnie!

Name: Bonnie

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 11 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Tuna

Favourite toy: Ropes and her hoop!

Favourite pastime: Running in the fields and chasing her hoop! Bonnie also loves cuddles!

Year of the Dog Day 30

I’m off out tonight so I really wanted to find a dog in the day today, but no joy! Another walk in the dark for me.

I spotted a very lovely Border Collie so I headed over to say hello to Max! Max was very friendly, but was a little nervous of the camera. The only way he would let me take a picture was if I was fussing him, hence the hand. This and the dark made taking the picture quite hard! Hopefully I have captured Max’s lovely friendly face.

Max is very lucky and goes for four walks a day, despite his owner being 87 years old! Dogs keep you youthful!


Name: Max

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 9 human years

Favourite toy: A rubber ring! He also enjoys carrying multiple sticks, but Max doesn’t share – once he’s got them, they are his! II love it when dogs carry sticks, especially if they are much bigger than the dog)

Favourite pastime: Walking and playing

Year of the Dog Day 18

It’s still pretty icy outside today but I decided to walk to my parents house rather than drive in the hope that I would see a dog. I got right to my parents’ street before I did meet a dog and that was my parents neighbours dog. He’s very lovely but I haven’t made him my dog of the day today as I thought it would be sensible to save him as a back up dog on a day I’m struggling. Loads of dogs walk past my parents house so I figured it wouldn’t take long to spot one, it didn’t! My dad jumped up and shouted ‘a dog Liza, quick!’, it’s a family effort!

I ran out of the house in hot pursuit and caught up with a very excited Neville who was on his way to play ball on the field. I think that Neville is one of the most excited dogs I’ve ever met, he couldn’t wait to get to the field! I had to stand in the direction of the field to get the picture, he wouldn’t look in any other direction, eye on the prize!

Very excited Neville

Very excited Neville

Name: Neville

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 3 years old (human years)

Favourite food: Schmackos

Favourite pastime: Playing with his ball on the field. He couldn’t wait!

Funny story: Neville once fell asleep on the bed lying on his back but ended up rolling off the bed!